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    Rasul Al Akram Academy::Home


    School Motto:"Targeting all round excellence"

    Mission: To provide quality education tailored towards the achievement of National Goals of Education

    Vision: To create a center for excellence, open to all denominations and backgrounds, where students receive holistic education and training.

    Caption:Discipline is the pathway that leads to the top.


    Rasul Al Akram Academy is a boys day and boarding school, offering an integrated curriculum that combines the 8.4.4. system of education and Islamic Religious Sciences. We have found integration to be a good model, since the curriculum is designed to nurture the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, aesthetical, social and physical well being of the learner in an integrated and holistic way.

    The school is located along Kuwinda Road off Langata Road in Nairobi, Kenya. It sits on a five acre piece of land and consists of the following facilities: Administrative block, tuition block, two science laboratories, a computer laboratory, hostel blocks, multi purpose hall, library, kitchen, wood workshop, playgrounds, school farm and a Mosque.

    Rasul Al Akram Academy was re-opened in 2004 as a non-profit making school, with the objective of providing the much needed education to students from low income families, while at the same time cultivating moral and religious values in them, targeting specifically the underprivileged Muslim community. The school is run by the trustees of the Muntazir Charitable Trust, an Islamic Charitable organization.


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